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Planet K has been launched specially for your kid - for him / her to experience a unique world of learning through a system of well-planned curriculum designed by qualified experts. The child is taken through the various stages of learning in such a fashion that learning becomes second nature for the child.  

  • Learning through Experiment and Exploration

  • Personal and Social Awareness

  • Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

  • Special Focus on English

  • Developing Mathematical Skills

  • Early - Initiation Programme in Science 

  • Self-Directed Learning Activities

  • Life Skills for Making Education Meaningful in Day-to-Day Life

  • Introducing New Age icons in Teaching

  • Home Reading Programme

  • Optimum Teacher Student Ratio for Better Attention

  • Counselling and Orientation Programme for Parents

  • Inculcating Healthy Eating Habits

  • No Heavy Bags

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