Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School, Meerut has gone in for use of computers as a teaching aid since 1995. This program was described as the first of its kind in India and for this the school had acquired the latest machinery and equipment available in this field. The school had set up three computer labs and one Audio-Visual Room where Computer Aided Learning Classes are being conducted with the help of L.C.D.

With the emerging of new technologies, the school has been making efforts to acquire these and use them effectively. The Computer Literacy program was initiated in 1995 with Computers having 286 processor. This has been upgraded with computers having Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The Computer Literacy program is not only restricted to the students. The school has been organizing various workshops to make its staff well versed with the working of Computers.

To keep in pace with the advancement in technology the school has set up a Server Room which is providing connectivity between the computers in the school. We have Internet facility which is being used by the teachers to provide extra inputs to the children. The students are also given the opportunity to surf the net as and when they require. Apart from the Computer Labs we are also planning to install computers in every classroom for assisting teachers in teaching.

Students enjoy an email facility under a well chalked out schedule through our own domain - Each student and staff has his own e-mailing address, which is First name followed by For example: Rajeev Bhutani's email id would be

The management has acquired school management software, which helps in computerizing the student database and other administrative procedures.

The school is 'wired' from Nursery to Class XII and is ready to take on the Digital era. Computers and the Internet are here to stay, in our schools and homes as well, and will certainly change the nature of school education in the years to come. As with all radical changes, educators and parents must find a balance between the power of the new technology and the proven methods of conventional education.

Salient features:

                  We are using -

  • Fiber Optic backbone.
  • High Speed Broad Band connectivity for Internet.
  • Three HP Servers with latest configuration. Out of these three servers, one is Primary Domain Controller, second one is Mail Server and Proxy server and third one is e-Portal Server (LINUX 7.2 as OS) and as Application Server running all administrative softwares.
  • Two 7.5 KVA On-line UPS capable of providing 4 to 5 hours backup.
  • One Layer 3Com Switch and other 3Com Switches on its network.



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