We expect our students to remain within the realms of behaviour outlined for them at all times.

Mentioned below are some of the things that the students must bear in mind regarding their conduct.

Students are expected to practice courtesy, respect and kindness towards their parents, teachers, other students and members of the community at all time.

It is expected that their thoughts and actions are a credit to the school and a model for G.T.B.P. School.

We expect all our children to reflect the highest character as an Indian. This way we can take pride in our students and in the goals of our school.

The students must reach the school on time, dressed in proper school uniform. The latecomers and the uniform defaulters are liable to be sent back home.

Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.

Absence from school must be supported by a leave application from the parents or guardians of the student.

All school property should be treated with care. The student will be fined if he/she causes any damage to the school property.

All homework should be noted carefully in the school diary regularly and sign the remarks given to the teacher. It is the student's responsibility to arrange make-up time with their teacher as required to complete their work.

Students must not buy eatables from vendors outside the school · All refuse from food and drinks must be deposited in the dustbins.

No student is allowed to bring cell-phones to school or wear any kind of jewellery in case of any loss, the school will not be held responsible. .


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